The project La Tua Casa a Latronico is the initiative through which , since 2013, has been promoted the use and reuse of empty houses present in significant numbers in the territory.

It has been created to promote a different kind of tourism, to offer people to live a close experience with the community, to discover the places, the traditions, and customs of Latronico. This project is part of a broader context of redevelopment and enhancement of tourist resources with an eye to the possible impact on the local economy and employment level.
The project offers the opportunity to live in our community a healthier lifestyle far from the chaos of the big cities.

In recent years, about 150 properties with the most disparate conditions and characteristics have been cataloged: a clear and intuitive interface allows you to choose the one you want based on different parameters such as the area (in the historic center, in the thermal district, etc), the square footage, the cost and much other detailed information necessary to find your dream house in Italy.

The properties are privately owned and mainly intended for sale, however some of these are also available for rent for short or long periods.

You have the opportunity to live in a place surrounded by nature, quiet and relaxing, and which at the same time offers opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

In 2021, the project received an important international resonance.

Thanks to the interest of the media of renowned newspapers (CNN, FOX, Forbes etc) and due to the global pandemic situation, Latronico has been chosen as a new place to live by many people from cities all over the world (USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Great Britain, Belgium etc).

In light of this renewed interest, a restyling of this website has therefore been made, by implementing new features, updating all the information, and improving the first version of the same one dating back to 2013.