One year in Latronico

Living in Latronico means experiencing many different customs and traditions that are constantly repeated  over time, a series of traditional values that are increasingly rare in modern society. Every time of the  year is marked by events related to the land, to the faith or to the community. We can ideally reconstruct a calendar starting from the celebration of Saint Egidio Abate the patron of Latronico,  which is  perhaps the most important event , held on the 1st of September.  It still represents a significant moment that strongly links people with Latronico. 


The smell of the must makes us closer to the harvest time, lived between the past and the present:  the grape harvest is carried out according to the  ancient rituals, and  gathers families and friends who work together in the old wine cellars with equipment handed down by our ancestors. The work of October / November is traditionally assayed on December 8th. This event is called “U Spricicchia Vutti”, during which people taste the success of the last harvest.. and the old ones too.


In Latronico winter shows up in its most famous dress: the snow. Indeed, it falls frequently throughout the winter; many times in the past, and also in recent times, Latronico was covered by meters of snow. 

The Christmas Holidays is the time of year when many citizens who were born in Latronico and left their hometown to study or work, come back to stay with their family and friends. Christmas time is a moment for gathering together and it’s in this occasion the population experience an apparent increase. 


In the first months of the new year you can attend the ancient and local tradition of “the pig slaughter”, a deep-rooted custom that over the years has undergone small changes but still strongly shows signs and elements linked to the farming tradition.  Pigs, bred during the year, are killed and their meat is usually processed in three days. These are also convivial days of neighbourliness and community spirit. All members of the family and friends as well,  are involved in various operations related to the processing,  and in many gestures you can see old cultural customs and values of Latronico.  


Carnival represents another important element of our traditions. This feast occurs during February, and it is celebrated mainly by young people. Children usually wear masks, meet in the square and go door to door making jokes. Famous is the Italian saying “During carnival every joke counts”. On this occasion you can eat traditional biscuits, handmade by grandmothers. 

The winter is greeted with the Bonfires of Saint Joseph. The community gathers around the fire to celebrate the arrival of Spring and enjoy outdoor moments with dances and typical food. Almost all quarters of Latronico light a bonfire.

L’arrivo della Primavera è di per sè un evento, con la natura che si riappropria della scena donando a tutto il territorio una veste nuova, fatta di bellezza e semplicità. E’ questo uno dei periodi più belli in cui apprezzare il territorio di Latronico, concedendosi una passeggiata, un’escursione o semplicemente affacciandosi a contemplare uno dei tanti scorci che il paese offre a chi ne sa apprezzare la bellezza.

The arrival of Spring is in itself an event. Nature, the leading actor of this period of the year, shows all its beauty. This is one of the best times you can appreciate the territory of Latronico, taking a walk, hiking or simply enjoying the quiet green area surrounding the country, with all the beautiful scents and vision it gives us. 

Spring arrives together with all the traditions and customs related to Easter, a moment of reflection and an opportunity to open up to others. Also on this occasion you can taste typical home-made food and appreciate the customs of this period.
Summer doesn’t occur as diligently as in many other southern Italian cities, where it usually starts from June. Our summer is quite mild and it’s the perfect time to live unforgettable outdoors moments and relax. The arrival of summer is marked by the end of the school, by the return of many people who come to Latronico to spend their summer holidays. This is the period when Latronico becomes truly alive. July and August are the times when more than ever the country is teeming with life: many local associations organize a myriad of cultural and musical events, there are many occasions of entertainment. In those days it's normal to see the main square animated by young people who stay out very late at night to discuss, take walks and have fun together.


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