The project


The project “Your House in Latronico” is the initiative through which the municipality wants to promote the use and reuse of many uninhabited houses. This project has been created with the intention of promoting tourism in Latronico, in order to give tourists the opportunity to live a unique experience, where they can discover not only the places but also the traditions of this country. This idea is part of a more complex plan that, through the use of the web, aims at reclassifying and valuing all touristic resources of this territory.

On this website, you can find the cataloguing of houses for sale, on one side, and the presentation of houses for rent, on the other side. There is a good range of houses for rent/sale scattered throughout the territory to choose from. Tourists can buy/rent a house for a low price, and live in a quiet place surrounded by nature, combining relaxation with fun and entertainment.

This project offers the possibility to live in Latronico for a short time, but also gives tourists the possibility to buy a house to renovate. Thanks to the clear and intuitive interface of this website, tourist can choose the house on the basis of different parameters such as the area (in the historic center, near to the thermal center, etc..), length, cost, and all other information necessary to have an overall view.



The municipality, explains and promotes this initiative, can only put in contact potential buyers with landlords, but it can’t be part of the negotiations.